Ferry d'Atami à Izu Oshima

La traversée en ferry de Atami Izu Oshima connecte le Japon avec îles Izu. Actuellement il y a seulement 1 compagnie de ferry qui opère ce service, Tokai Kisen. La traversée est effectuée jusqu'à 14 fois semaine avec un temps de traversée de 45 minutes pour les plus rapides.

Le temps de traversée de Atami Izu Oshima et la fréquence peuvent varier selon la saison. Nous vous conseillons de vérifier en ligne les dernières informations disponibles.

Compagnies de ferry pour Atami - Izu Oshima

  • Tokai Kisen
    • 14 Traversées / Semaine 45 min
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Prix Moyens De Atami Izu Oshima

Les prix indiqués représentent la moyennne d'un aller simple payé par nos clients sur cette traversée. Les prix affichés correspondent au tarif par personne.

Guide d'Atami

The city of Atami is a Japanese coastal resort famed for its volcanic hot springs. The city’s name translates into English as “hot ocean”. Lying on the eastern coast, it provides stunning views across the crystal blue Sagami Bay and with its positioning on the Izu Peninsula, the area is blessed with hot summers and lined with long sandy beaches. The city centre houses some popular tourist destinations, including the MOA Museum of Art, Atami Castle and the Kiunkaku Former Ryokan.

Atami is a popular retreat for city dwellers due its easy commute from the centre of Tokyo. Atami is a terminal on Japan’s famous high speed train network, with regular hour long train journeys making it easy for visitors to escape the stresses of life in the capital. By road, the extensive Tomei Expressway cuts through the city and along the rugged coastline, to both the north and south. The port can be found just minutes from the city centre, with buses that pick you up and drop you off outside the terminal.

The ferry port of Atami connects the Japanese mainland with the Izu Islands with services provided by Tokai Kisen. There are numerous sailings on a daily basis with journeys ranging from twenty five minutes to around two hours. The port services four destinations around the Izu Peninsula. Tokai Kisen sails to the mainland ports of Ito and Inatori to the south, as well as the island terminals of Kozushima and Izu Oshima.