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Le port de ferry de Masirah, sur île de Masirah, vous permet de vous rendre à Shannah, en Sultanat d'Oman, avec jusqu'à 21 traversées de ferry par semaine. La durée de la traversée de Masirah à Shannah est d'environ 1 heure et elle est opérée par National Ferries Company.

Plan du port de Masirah

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Traversées de ferry - Masirah

  • National Ferries Company
    • 3 Traversées / Jour 1 h
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Port de Masirah

Masirah Island is the largest island belonging to Oman, laying off the east coast of the mainland. The ferry route departing from the port is the gateway to Oman, crossing to Shannah on the east coast and taking around an hour.

The lack of viable accommodation in Masirah means that camping is the best way to experience the island. The conditions for finding a spot to pitch a tent are ideal; the rugged coastline in a peaceful environment are the reasons why many tourists head to Masirah. The deserted island does have some other tourist spots away from the campsite, including many secluded beaches that are perfect for a lazy afternoon.

For those who have an interest in sea life, turtles can be spotted around the shores of the island, providing an alternative form of entertainment. More active activities are common on the island; the waters are often overwhelmed with kitesurfers after it became popular over the past few years. Aside from the watersports, walking is a common pastime and obviously desirable for anyone who is trying to save a bit of money.

There is a rental car company operating on the island, creating a simple, affordable way to get around Masirah. Due to the idyllic surroundings, many visitors choose to travel by foot, especially considering the warm temperatures.